Christmas Time

Christmas Time

Can’t Believe it is That Time already

It is getting to that time of the year where to most people it is the frenzy Christmas lights, decoration, Christmas Baking and gifts while to fewer and fewer people it is the birth of our load Jesus Christ.

 I for one do love to do both but I am trying to make sure I give priority to the most important the birth of Jesus Christ, so I go to church regularly and pray.But I also do love the decorations and all the fanfare that comes with it. I don’t want to be the Grinch that destroy Christmas celebration for everyone.

As I said earlier the majority of people are focus on Christmas lights, decoration, Christmas Baking and gifts, stores and Major retailers like Walmart already have Christmas trees, Christmas inflatable, Christmas lights and other Christmas decoration out as shown on the videos below.

          My childhood experience in Africa, when I heard of Christmas the first things I thought of was getting new cloths, Christmas decorations, going to mass (midnight or morning) then going from house to house eating the most delicious foods and bake goods. Today I will talk about decorations because that was one of my specialty at our house. We would most often go out and  cut a tree that closely resemble a Christmas try and do a lot of home made decorations and just buy Christmas lights, a few other decorations and add to it. nowadays people have so many decorations  options at very affordable prices. So for this Christmas I have gone to a local Walmart and here are what the have for Christmas decorations. checkout the various videos below, so many options, I am thinking of getting a few of these things to add to my existing decoration this year I will keep you updated. 

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