Benefits of Using Compost Tea

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benefits of compost tea

Benefits of Using Compost Tea In Your Garden

    • Faster and Stronger plant growth– Your vegetables will grow faster and will be  much tastier, Your flower blossoms will be bigger and leaves will be greener.
    • It is Economical (Cheap) Compost tea is very economical in terms of cost compare to other fertilizers,  you do not need a lot of compost to fertilize your garden, all you need is a Cup or two of good quality compost and you will be able to fertilize you whole garden (small or regular size backyard garden) with a onetime brew.
    • Better root systems – using compost tea, your plants will have much better root system in that the roots will grow bigger, deeper and wider in to the ground to pull all available nutrients from the soil of potting mix.
    • Easy Availability of nutrients– The nutrients in compost tea are readily available to your plants and the plants can easily absorbed nutrients throw the leaves (Foliage feeding).  and the root system(watering or drenching the roots).
    • Stronger immune system –Compost tea give Plants a much strong immune system because the plants are able to get most of the nutrients they require to grow and to protect themselves from insects and other diseases. when sprayed on the leaves, compost tea helps suppress foliage diseases and increases the amount of nutrients available to the plant, and speeds the breakdown of toxins.,
    • Organic fertilizer – Since compost teais made up of compost and other organic supplements, You don’t have any Chemical. it is all organic and natural.
    • Will not harm Plants. Unlike other chemical fertilizers that need specific quantities to be used in order not to harm plants, Compost does cannot harm or destroy your plants no matter how much you put on a plant. the plant will absorb as much as it can and the rest will stay in the soil or drain out.
    • Help reduce or prevent Plant shock during transplant – When you use compost tea during the transplanting process, Compost tea helps to reduce or prevent plant shock. the plants are easily able to adapt to their new environment within a shorter period of time.


How to make Compost Tea 

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