How to Stake Pepper Plants

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How to Stake Pepper Plants

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  How to stake pepper plants – best ways to stake peppers in the garden or in containers, easy step by step guide with video below.

Here is how to Stake Pepper plants so they don’t get broken by wind or over production.

Best way to stake pepper plants






Items used

Twine for gardening

Garden Stake

Bamboo skewers 

Garden Twine

You want to stake you pepper plant as soon as possible in order to help support it throw the growing process, this will avoid damage to the plant from wind or over weight from too much pepper production by the plant.

Use bamboo or a stick (wood) to support your pepper plants

  1. use a bamboo, a bamboo skewer or piece of wood
  2. push the bamboo in to the soil about a inch away from the stem of the pepper plant. push is as much in to the soil as possible but still having enough length to support the plant.
  3. use a  Garden Twine or a rope to tie the bambo to the pepper plant. make sure you give the plant to expand and grow with in the Garden Twine or you can adjust the Twine as the pepper plant grow.
  4. add more rope to secure the plant and branches later on as the pepper grows.

best way to stake pepper plants

use tomato ties for pepper

Use Tomato Cages to support your Pepper Plants

You can also use a tomato cages to support your pepper plants, the tomato cage is much better because the plant can grow in to the cage. use tomato cage size that is appropriate to the type of pepper plant you are growing. you want to use a larger cage for peppers plants that grow higher while the small cage will be good for smaller pepper plants.

how to stake papper plants

how to stake peppers







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