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Cheapest Seed Starting Mix

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How to Make the Cheapest Seed Starting Mix

Seed starting mix will cost you about $5 per 8 dry quarts if you buy it from store or garden 

center but would cost you less than a $1.50 if you do it yourself. All seed Starting mix and potting mix are often made from Perlite  and peat moss and some fertilizer or organic fertilizer. Making your own seed starting mix will not only save you money, you will also be able to make great quality and organic product you can depend on. I use organic worm casting in the place of fertilizer because it is better quality, organic, disease resistant, cheap or free in my case because it is from my worm bin and or compost pile.

Cheapest Seed Starting Mix

Note that Peat Moss and worm compost are equal parts, so you can change the quantity

 depending on how much seed starter mix you want to make. 

Main Ingredients PerlitePeat Moss and  organic worm casting 

Mixture: Mix the following in a container 


Cheap Seed Starting Mix

 Miracle-Gro 8qt Seed Starting Potting Mix3 cup peat or coir (coir is preferable if you can get it)

3 cup vermicompost (organic worm casting)  (your own or purchased from a garden center or other supplier) 

1 cup Perlite   

1/2 cup green sand

Mix the first three ingredients together, then sprinkle the green sand into the mix and combine. This ensures that the green sand is evenly distributed throughout the mix.

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Store seed starter mix – Ready made seed starting mix in the video Jiffy Natural & Organic Starter Mix 



How to Make the Best seed starting mix




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