7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Gardening

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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Gardening

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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Gardening

These 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Gardening, I have learned a lot from my  more than 20 years of gardening that I wish I knew before I started.

Soil is key

The first important thing to know is that soil is key.  one of the first things I have learned in my more than 20 years of farming and gardening is that a lot of plant problems can be traced to your soil.

If something’s not going right look to the soil,  if things are going right it’s probably because you cared about your soil and very few gardeners realize that.

A good soil should contain a good amount of mineral content,  water and organic matter and very few gardeners realize that they’ll focus on the water or they’ll focus on the tilling or they’ll focus on the compost to get that organic matter but it’s an entire process all of those things need to be working together for your soil to be the best that it can be.

so think about the soil as the foundation of your garden quite literally,  if you get your soil right, you are more than halfway there. if you realize that’s where most of the problems come from the entire process is going to be easier.

If you have good soil you’ll have good plants and with good plants you’ll love gardening more than.

Bugs happen

The second thing to know is that bugs happen,  you’re going to have insects in your garden so try not to worry about it,  in fact use it to your advantage because there are many beneficial insects out there and they are predators that will eat the bad bugs.

If you just focus on the bad bugs and not on the good bugs you can create an imbalance that really leads to a downward spiral and lots of problems in your garden I know because I have had that issue in my gardening,

I had bad bugs and I would spray the chemicals to kill them not knowing that I was also killing the good bugs and as soon as one bad bug moves out there’s another one ready to move in.

I have been trying to stay away from the chemicals in the Garden. I know it is easier said than done.

Don’t let the Weeds get you down

 The next thing you need to know is that weeds will win, you’re always going to have weeds so don’t Focus so much on a few weeds in your garden that will drives you crazy.  

Some people have stopped gardening because they just couldn’t handle the weed problem.  learn about weeds and why there are problem one of the easiest ways to control weeds is to use mulch.

Mulch cuts down on the weeds dramatically but it doesn’t eliminate them. You can buy mulch or use grass clippings as mulch.  You just have to accept  that weeds are part of the gardening process.


The fourth thing to know is that patience is a virtue. Gardening takes time to get to the point where you can enjoy. For most vegetables to fruits, from planting to harvesting takes a long time.

A lot of new gardeners want instant result but nature does not work that way. you have to give plants time to go through the process. I have a fruit tree that I bought and planted 7 years ago, It just starting bearing fruits last year. When I bought it, i thought I would be able to start harvesting it within 3 years.

Don’t be afraid of failures

The last thing that I wish I knew when I first started gardening was that there are going to be failures many failures in fact many years there will be more failures than successes but we take those failures and learn from them next year will be better unless it’s not because maybe the next year we’ll have more failures but it’s okay because we’ll learn from them and next year will be better but maybe it won’t maybe we’ll have more failures and that’s one of the things we have to deal with as gardeners we’re always striving for the next year to be better we have to accept that sometimes the failures we have this year and it’s just the price we pay for being gardeners.

Compost is an other big one is a big good example because there’s a lot of rules about composting people like to talk about you know don’t put dairy in your compost don’t put meat in your compost, you can’t compost that because it has fats in it but in reality it’s all good for your garden anything that was once living is compostable just got to take some steps to properly compost that stuff but if you take those steps you can put anything in your compost. You don’t have to buy compost, you can make your own.

 The seventh thing that I would do differently now as opposed to when I began gardening is to learn to experiment more and by experimenting I mean I doing things that break the conventional ways.

To be a gardener is to be willing to learn. the above points should have giving you that already and since you are here reading this, it means you are willing to learn.

Invest in good tools7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Gardening

For Tools that you will use every day, buy the best tools for the job. If you have money for it buy the best tool, but if you don’t have money for all your tools, but the best tool for the tool you will use more often. good tools will help you garden easier, be more productive and in most cases will last longer.

Grow what you want.

Grow what brings you joy or what you want not what everyone else wants.

when you Start a garden everybody expects you to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and beans and you know maybe maybe some radishes and that’s it and grow what you want to grow.

Don’t  Let everybody pressure you into grow into things that you know you’re supposed to grow. grow this or grow that in your vegetable garden.grow pepper

Don’t let people pressure you into growing something just because they think they know what’s best for you and your garden you’d be surprised at how many people are going to tell you what you should do.

You start a hobby like gardening and you start getting good at it and all of a sudden all the so called “experts” come out and put their advice in your ear because they think they know what’s best for you and your garden.

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Gardening

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