Garden Pest Control

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Garden Pest control

Looking for a Free or Cheap organic Garden pest control? You have come to the right place. Ditch the icky pesticide chemicals  and go organic for your garden pest control. 7savings garden is here to helps you with information on Ways to control pest in the garden with simple household items available in most homes.




Control and Eliminate Snails, slugs and other pest with this solution and it is made up of items that are readily available in most homes.

Egg shells: crush egg shells and sprinkle them around your plants, snails and slugs will avoid that plant or that area because if the crawl on those broken egg shells, it would be like you walking on broken glass. just make sure that you do not crush the egg shells  too fine or two small that it

does not affect them.

Coffee grounds:

 If you are a coffee drinker or live with someone who drinks coffee, then you can use the coffee grounds. Sprinkle a very small amount of used coffee grounds on top of the soil to ensure slugs can’t come in contact with the plants.  

Use Beer

A beer trap is another popular option. Slugs and snails love beer! Take a plastic bottle, make a hole on the side like on the video (about 2 to 3 inches from the bottom) bury the plastic bottle about 2 to 3 inches in the ground so that the snails and slugs can easily crawl in, fill the container with beer about 2 inches from the bottom. make sure you leave the lid so that rainwater and any other water does not get in. When the slugs crawl inside the jar for beer, they drown. put a few of these bottles or containers around your garden and it will help reduce or eliminate snails and slugs from your garden.

Use Cardboard or wood: Get a few pieces of cardboard and lay them in and around your garden, the snails will use that cardboard as a hiding spot during daylight, all you have to do is lift the cardboard around during the day and kill all the snails and slugs that are hiding underneath it.

Pick Them Off By Hand

Overturn flower pots, leaves, and other vegetation and pick them up and dispose of them. this one is not fun but you can make it a fun and adventurous project with your kids, I have done it a few times. all you have to do is go out to the garden at night with a flashlight and you would be able to easily see them eating the plants, you can pick Plow & Hearththem off easily and dispose of them. using a combination of a few of the above methods will surely reduce or eliminate snails and slugs from your garden. if you don’t want to do any of the about or you have done it and you were not able to  eliminate the majority of them and you want to go the commercial route, I will say as a last resort use Bug Geta It is the only one I have tried that worked really well. I only problem with is is that it is not organic.

Pest control for organic garden




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