How to Grow Green Beans


How to Grow Green Beans

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How to Grow Green Beans in your Garden

How to grow green beans or garden beans? Growing green beans is very easy to do especially bush beans. Pole beans are similar but they need a structure to climb on like a trellis. Get delicious organic green beans by following these simple steps.

  1. start seeds indoor a few weeks before last frost date or 
  2. Sow the seeds outdoors after the last spring frost date
  3. Set up a trellis if you are planting pole beans
  4. Plant each seed 1–2 inches (2.5–5.1 cm) deep in the ground with the eyes facing down. once the seeds germinate you can add compost to the stem to provide more nutrients.
  5. You can apply mulch to the soil where beans are planted to maintain moisture and prevent weeds.

How to Care for Green Beans

Once the green beans start growing, You can provide a little bit of guidance if the vines are not growing towards the trellis or the string you have in place. direct the vines to the trellis and it will go on from there.

To ensure that the green beans have enough nutrients to thrive, I add Worm compost or regular compost around the stems.

Feed the green beans with liquid fertilizer like compost tea or miracle gro every 2 to 3 weeks.

Watch out for insects eating the leaves of the green bean and react to it by spraying it with store-bought or homemade insecticide.

When to Harvest Green Beans

There are so many varieties of green beans and some have different maturing sizes. so check your seed packet for how long they are suppose to be before you can start harvesting. some regular green beans grow as much as 4 to 7 inches before harvest. Rule of thumb is that the pod is ready to harvest once it reaches a length of 4 to 7 inches long and the diameter is a little fatter than a pencil.

It is recommended that you harvest green beans as they begin to reach the appropriate size. This will help promote more blooming and production from the plant as the season progresses.

Waiting until you have a huge quantity of green beans to harvest all at once can lead to some pods becoming over mature and some not doing so well.

How to Harvest Green Beans

Once the green bean is ready to be harvested, I recommend you use your thumb to snap the neck loose (what i call the neck is the area that is connected to the green beans vine). An other way is to grab it firmly up near the top where it is connected to the vine and use the other hand to hold the vine while giving the pod a quick pull to pop it loose.

What to do with over mature Green Beans

When the beans are bulging out of the pods then it has over mature and if harvested now will not taste the same as others. So what you need to do is leave it on the vine to continue growing to full maturity and in most cases it will start turning yellowish. when it gets to this stage where it is fully mature and yelllow, harvest the beans and dry it. you will use it as seeds for next year. you do not have to buy seeds again unless you want a different variety of green beans.

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