Ways for Kids to Make Money




10 Easy Ways For Kids to Make Money

By Derick Fowung

ways for kids to make money

As a kid, it may be difficult to make money. Especially for freeloaders. So, I give you 10 ways for kids to make money in a decent amount of time.

1. Recycling Bottles

recycle bottles     

Recycling Bottles could be considered an Essential job for kids. Especially if you recycle bottles in large amounts. Each bottle goes for around 5-20 cents depending on size. Overall, recycling could make you oodles of cash

2. Dog Walking

walking dogsDog Walking is a good option and it may make more money than recycling. But recycling is more for parents who like to quarantine their kids. The more dogs you walk the more money you make.

3. Lawn Mowing

This job is more for older kids like 13-15. Lawn Mowing is a very good Job because the bigger the lawn the more money you can make and you can really take advantage of that.

mow the lawn

4. Car Washes

washing cars

Car washes are more of jobs that are done in the summer. But, if you manage to wash many cars, You will likely get over $100 by the end of the summer.

5. Garden Work

garden work

If your child is too young of an age to mow the lawn, Then He / She can do yard work such as planting flowers, seeds or taking out the weeds in the garden.  

6. Shoveling Snow

Although we already have trucks that clear driveways, You can shovel your neighbor’s driveway, if you don’t have a driveway to shovel, You would still be able to shovel the walkways of the house and earn quite a bit of money. 

7. Baby Sitting

Once again, This job is more for older kids than younger kids, But, Basically, you can babysit and the amount of money you make varies on how many kids you babysit and how many hours you babysit. 



8. Candy Sale

A Candy Sale is simple and easy to do but do not sell the candy at the same price or else no profit will be received. For an example, if a Candy Bar is $1 maybe sell it’s for as much as $1.50 or maybe even $2 just don’t sell it for an excessive price or else nobody will want to buy it. Candy Sales can be set up at your house and you could inform People at your school about your candy sale.

9. Summer Babysitting

Summer Babysitting is similar to Babysitting is just the fact that it’s in the summer and you get more time to Babysit so it may make more money than Babysitting.


10. Doing House Chores

Parents, without a doubt, will pay children to do chores because they know that children will grow up and it is best they Children start adapting to Jobs at an early age. There are also many to choose from such as vacuuming, washing dishes and taking out the trash

In conclusion, There are lots of other ways for kids to make money but here are just a few. Stay tuned for more great articles coming soon.

ways for kids to make money