How to Increase Pepper Yield

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How to Increase Pepper Yield

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How to increase pepper yield or how to increase pepper production. learn how you can double your pepper yield by adding a few things to your garden.

How I increase my pepper production/harvesting. Leke from shares with you what I did to increase my pepper production.

I saw this from John at and decided to try it.

The fertilizer I added to my pepper plants in the greenhouse that doubled my harvest is rich worm castings. I have a worm bin and I was able to add special ingredients to it like Rock dust, eggshells, composted manure, and others that help improve the worm castings.

I then added more worm castings to my potting mix this year compared to the other years.  The other reason for the increase in pepper production is I have used more worm castings in my compost tea. I make compost tea every two weeks and I drench the roots of the plants with it and I some times foliage feed the plants to. As a result that plants are able to absorb more nutrients from the soil or potting mix.

If you don’t know about compost tea, Compost tea is a tea made from compost and this tea amplifies the beneficial microorganisms in the compost. for more about how to make compost tea, read my post on making the best compost tea here. Also, check out my post on the benefit of using compost tea in your garden.

If you don’t have a worm bin and you want to buy it, I will say try this Worm castings. I have not used it myself self but Some people I trust say it is really good.

Thinks you can add to your Worm bin or compost pile to improve it.



Volcanic rock dust fertilizer

trace minerals

Eggshells or Oyster shells


How to grow pepper

How to increase your pepper production

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