Germinate Seeds Fast through scarification

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   scarification is the process of opening or removing part or all coats of seed to encourage seed germination. Scarification can be done mechanically, thermally, and chemically. I Do Scarification mechanically by using a sandpaper or a concrete brick to remove part of the seed coat on the seeds I want to germinate and grow.


Scarification is mostly done on large seeds that are a little impervious to water. once part of the seeds coat is removed, the seed is able to absorb solution (water) and start to germinate.

Starting seeds indoor helps you get seedlings before the beginning of the growing season at a far lower cost than if you bought them at the store. Each plant has unique seed-starting requirements, so read the package instruction before you start. 

Scarification Method of Germinating Seeds Fast

How to germinate seeds fast scarification

    If you are here, therefore it means you are looking for a faster way to germinate your seeds and if you are like me, you can’t wait to get your hands dirty especially before or around spring and summer time. described below is one for the fastest ways to germinate seeds.

Ways to Germinate Seeds

    1.     You can germinate seeds the regular way by planting the seeds in the ground or in a seed starting tray and let it grow slowly or.
    2.   The second option is faster, You can get an even faster jump on your gardening by using the paper towel method of seed germination, this method is great for tiny seeds like tomato and pepper
    3. The third option is the scarification method to start your seeds. The scarification method cuts the germination time by as much as 50%. That is if you do it right. Here is how.

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  Scarification Method

     It is very easy to germinate seeds with the scarification. All you need is a few things you already have at home.  It just requires very few steps to follow.

Things you will need: 

Seeds, Sandpaper, concrete block, water, seed starting tray or container, and Hydrogen Peroxide.

The Process

Get Seedshow to germinate seeds fastYou can buy seeds from the store, garden center, farm stand or online seed sellers like Burpee, 

Get Paper Towel

Get a sheet or two of sandpaper or a concrete block. grab a bean and run it over the sandpaper until part of the seed coat is off.scarification

Get Hydrogen peroxide and waterHydrogen peroxide Get your hydrogen peroxide and water to make the solution you will use. 



 Once the seeds outer coat is removed, mix your solution. Mix out the solution of water and how to germinate beans seeds1hydrogen peroxide.  I will suggest you use a cup of a small bottle of water and just add 4 to 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide (or teaspoon) to the water. shake the mixture and use it for the next step.

You do not have to do this process, You can just plant your seeds like that and it will germinate a little faster than a regular seed planting. But if you want it to germinate even faster then continue to put the seeds into your hydrogen peroxide solution for 24 to 48 hours.

After SoakingAfter soaking the seeds for 24 to 48 hours, the seeds will start germinating like this.

Plant the seeds        plants green beans seeds

Plant your seeds in a seed starting container or in your garden

Transplant your seeds

beans seedling

Once your seedling germinates and grow, you can transplant it to your garden.



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