How to grow pepper

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How to Grow Pepper

It is very easy to grow bell peppers or Habanero peppers in your garden or in containers. Here is how to grow green bell pepper or any other pepper from planting the seeds to harvesting.

How to plant pepper seeds:
Start pepper seeds indoors if the temperatures outside are still cold. If you start them indoors, you should start your seeds 6-9 weeks before the final frost. Start them in a seed starting tray or save money by using recycle bottles and other containers. Make sure your seed starting mix stays moist and warm. A sunny window is a perfect place for your pepper seeds to flourish until it is transplanted to you garden or a bigger container. Plant a few pepper seeds in each container and simply thin out the weaker plants or spread them to other individual containers after a few weeks.

I grow peppers in containers and in my garden. use at least a two Gallon container for bell peppers and at least a gallon container for Habanero or ghost peppers.

how to grow green bell pepper

You need good quality potting mix to get the best result, I make my own potting mix, check out how I make the best and cheap potting mix here

Fill the container more than half full before you transplant.

How to transplant pepper seedlings:

Make sure the temperature outside is at least 65 degrees or warmer before you can start transplanting your peppers to the garden or container. In the garden, Plant your seedlings about 24 inches apart so they have plenty of room to stretch but can still protect each other against the hot sun. Choose a full sun area with well-drained, nutrient rich soil(adding composted manure or worm compost will help with this). You can use a  tomato cage or stake to help the plant grow upward and offer some support, this is especially true when growing bell peppers. I also add about a table spoon of  osmocote to my potting mix to slowly fertilize the plant through out the growing period.

How to care for green bell pepper seedlings:
Bell pepper plants need about 2 inches of water per week. preferably water the plants at the

how to grow pepper

base so you don’t saturate the foliage. You can use vegetable fertilizers like Miracle grow, Alaska seaweed or homemade fertilizers like Compost

tea. Epson Salt (magnesium sulfate) is also very good as fertilizer, I water my pepper plants with it. 1 tablespoon can be mixed with a gallon of water and applied directly as a foliar spray onto the leaves. apply every 2 to 3 weeks.

use a thick layer of mulch or grass clippings to help prevent weeds.

How to harvest peppers:

how to grow bell pepper

You can harvest bell peppers at any time but Feel free to allow the peppers to get as large as you wish. The longer you leave them on the plant, the sweeter they become. To harvest the peppers, use a sharp knife or garden clipper to cut them off leaving 1-2 inches of stem.


Bell peppers can be placed in an airtight container or Ziploc bag and stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. You can also put peppers in freezer bags and freeze them to use year round.

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