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electric generatorGenerators can be used in so many different situations and conditions and it requires you to take into account a few factors before buying one. whether you use it as backup power for your home, for off-grid use or camping or for use in an RV, you need to know

Choosing a Generator

When choosing a generator, you need to determine how much power (watts) you will need. A simple way of doing it is to make a list of the appliances you will likely run on it. Then find out how many watts each of them requires. add all the watts and you will get the minimum watts your generator needs to produce.

Some other important factors include

Noise level – Some generators produce more noise than others and thereby inconveniencing yourself and your neighbors.

Size -Some are very big and heavy while others are small compact and weigh much less.

Portable or nonportable – Some are small and very portable to use in an RV or for camping while others are heavier and bulky.

solar or diesel – Most generators use gas like diesel while there are a few newer once that use the power of the sun (Solar)

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