Why Seeds Don’t Germinate


Why Seeds Don’t Germinate

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   Seeds need specific conditions to germinate – temperature and moisture can be difficult to control beneath the soil, and are easily affected by weather, human error, and other factors.

1. Seeds get eaten by birds, wireworms, voles and other animals before they germinate.

2. Wrong plant depth, 

Seeds that are planted too deeply will not germinate or will take longer to do so.

Solution: Be sure to plant seeds at the depth recommended on the seed packet. if you do not have the package instruction, search for the answer online.

A good rule of thumb is plant the seeds twice its width deep.

Wrong soil,

Most seeds require well-cultivated soil – while some plant seeds will grow nearly anywhere, many herb, flower, and vegetable seeds require soil that has good drainage, the correct pH level, and the right amount of fertility to succeed.

Poor seed storage – make sure to store all of your seeds in a dry, airtight container in a cool part of your home. Too much heat and humidity will reduce the seed’s viability or will kill it.

Very old seeds – Just like most living things, seeds have a life expectancy, even the best stored seeds lose their viability over time. so store your seeds well and rotate them regularly, that is use the oldest ones first(FIFO) first in first out.

Wrong Grow condition. Most seeds have specific grow condition for them to grow, that is having the right temperature, right moisture and humidity. Too cold the seeds will not germinate, Very high temperature will destroy the seeds. Most seeds will germinate when the temperature is consistently above 70 degrees, some seeds like pepper do better at higher temperature.
Too little water or moisture in the soil.
Too much watering- watering provide enough water to moisten the seeds, But you do not want to soak seeds for too long. them. some seeds will not do well standing in water. the amount of water required will depend on the particular type of seeds you are trying to germinate. watering too much can cause soil to compact and swamp type of soil which is not good for some plants.



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reasons why seeds don't germinate

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