Free Compost Near Me

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Free Compost Near Me

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How to Get Free Compost

Here is how I get free compost near me. At, Saving you money is our passion, So how can you save money on Compost? or  How do you get compost for free?. 

Where to get free compost.

In this post, I will tell you how to get free organic compost for your garden. You can get organic compost from your town for free.  Most towns that recycle trash will give you compost for free. The towns collect trash throughout the year and great a huge compost pile and they use tractors to mix the pile up until it is completely composted. They then give this organic compost to the residents of the town or surrounding areas.

Residents are allowed to take as much as they want for residential use only. that is not for commercial use. I have free organic compost near me. I put a few 5-gallon buckets in my car and fill these buckets with organic compost and then bring it home. I use the free compost in my garden.

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What can you use it for

It is just like any other organic compost. You can use it to fill raised beds, grow in containers, add to your garden beds, feed plants by adding it to the base of your plants, use it for compost tea and add to your compost pile.

raised beds

If you are starting a  compost pile or have some leaves and grass clipping, mixing in organic compost like this will help accelerate the decomposition process and as a result, you will get more compost for your garden.

How do you know where to get it?

You can call the town clerk or town council office and they will tell you if they offer free organic compost and where you can get it.  If they don’t know, call your local recycling center, they might be able to help you with that information.

You can also talk to friends neighbors coworkers who live in the same area. also, ask other people on social media and you might be able to find a spot near you.

Why get free compost

Simple it is free. that means you pay zero dollars for it. instead of buying bags of compost from the store or garden center, you can save that money and use it for something else like putting food on the table. A bag of good quality compost goes for about $3 to $5. if you want to fill a raised bed,  you will need a lot of bags which means more money out of our pocket. why not save that money and get free compost?





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