How to plant a tree

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How to plant a tree

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How to plant a tree or  how to plant a fruit tree like a professional 

It is very easy to plant a tree in your yard, garden, farm or around the house. just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to having your own fruit or shade tree.

Steps for Planting a tree in your yard

Locate all underground utilities

Depending on where you are planting, you might want to locate all underground utilities (like pipes for gas, water, and others) prior to digging. this will help avoid any major or minor accidents and also avoid the tree from being brought down if it is planted on top of a utility line.

Identify the trunk flare

The trunk flare is where the trunk expands at the base of the tree(or close to where the roots leave the stem). This point should be partially visible after the tree has been planted.

Dig a shallow, broad planting hole

you want to dig a shallow hole, the hole should be at least twice the width of the root ball and same depth, you can dig a little deeper if you intend to fill the hole with compost and other materials before planting. I usually add peat moss to help maintain moisture.

Remove the containers or cut away the wire basket

Remove the tree from the container and inspect it to make sure the roots do not curl in a circle.  if they do you will have to try and straighten them so that they grow into the soil when planted and not toward each other.

Place the tree at the proper height

place the tree in the hole and make sure that the root flare is at the same level as the topsoil. if the roots are planted too deep, new roots will have difficulty developing because there will be little to no oxygen for them.

Straighten the tree in the hole

Use a pole or any other support to help ensure the tree is straight and not leaning towards any one direction

Mix in Fertilizer and Fill the hole

fill the hole with compost or the soil that came out of the hole. I also add some tree-tone fertilizer to the soil or compost.

Depending on the tree dimension and the fertilizer you use, follow the fertilizer instructions. I used about  6 to 9 cups for the 0-2 inch trunk diameter.

Fill it gently. pack firmly, soak with water and allow to settle. Continue to add and press the soil down with your hand or step on it. firmly packing the soil and water at various levels will help eliminate air pockets that may dry out roots. firmly packing also helps to give the tree more stability and support.

Support the tree with a Stake

how to plant trees

Use a pole or any other support to help ensure the tree is upright and straight. I use 1 pole but others use two or three poles(stakes) tied to the tree to support it. this helps the tree stay upright when there is wind.

Mulch the base of the Tree

Put Mulch(wood chips, grass clippings, and any organic matter spread around the base of a tree to hold moisture and reduce grass and weed competition.

Young Tree Care

Keep the soil moist, for the first week I water it a couple of times if there is no rain especially if you plant during the hot summer months. after the first couple of weeks, the plant should be able to take care of itself if it rains regularly but if not you can water a couple of times a month.

How to plant a fruit tree

how to plant a tree

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