Uses of Egg shells in the garden

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Uses of Egg shells in the garden

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Uses of Egg Shells in the Garden

There are several uses of egg shells in the garden,Eggshells have been used and are still being use for different variety of things and uses in the garden. Instead of throwing away your egg shells you can use it to serve other purpose in the garden. Bellow are some of the uses of egg shells in the garden and why you should never throw away egg shells if you have a garden.

Use the egg shells and the tray to start your seeds. after planting the shell will decompose and provide you plants with calsium and other nutrients.

Sprinkle crushed egg shell around your plants to prevent snails and slugs from attacking the plants.

Put some crushed egg shells at the bottom of your pot when planting to provide nutrients to the plants later on in the growth circle.




Enrich your Garden Soil

Eggs shells are made up almost entirely of calcium carbonate – the main ingredient in agricultural lime.

How to use egg shells in the garden


 1. Save your eggs shells, and allow them to air dry.

2. Then, place the dried shells in the blender, and pulse until they are powdery-fine.

3. Sprinkle in your garden bed or around your plants.

uses of egg shell in the garden

Crushed egg shellsuses of egg shell in the garden

Add egg shells to your compost pile

You can add the egg shells in your compost pile, it will decompose with the rest of the items in the pile and it will enrich your compost pile. for faster decomposition, crush the egg shells to smaller pieces with a blender before adding it to the pile.

Add egg shells to your worm bin

crush your egg shells to a powder form and add it to your worm bin. the worms will easily break it down into compost and the egg shells will help clean the worm’s system. which means they will be able to eat and break down more waste. The worms will love you for it.


uses of egg shells in the garden




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