Container gardening

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Container Gardening 

Growing Vegetables in Containers

container gardening

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As gardening has become more and more popular in towns and cities, so has container gardening. You can grow vegetables and flowers in containers if you don’t have a yard to start a garden, you can use buckets and other recyclable containers to grow plants.

You can use these containers in your Balcony, deck, roof top on apartment buildings, greenhouse and windows in your home. As long as you have the major ingredients to grow plants (good potting soil, Water, sunlight and seeds).

Why Container gardening

Here are some of the reasons why you should grow in containers if you love fresh vegetables and flowers. and do not have land to garden.

1. Space 

If you live in an apartment and have no room to garden or you live in a location where your dirt is terrible, container gardening could be your only way to grow plants. 

2. Save Water

If you have a garden, you need a lot of water. If you are thing of saving the environment by how you use scares resources like water or you live in a town where there is water restrictions, container gardening might be a very good option to be able to grow your vegetables and flowers.

3. Control the Grow Environment

With container gardening, you can control the grow environment by moving the plants and 

why grow in containers

containers indoors when it is too cold or too hot. for example if the temperature will drop below freezing at night you can move your containers inside to protect it from the weather.

4. Better soil (Potting Soil)

Starting you garden in container also means you decide the quality of the soil the plants will grow in. You can make your own cheap good quality Potting Mix as shown in the video below or you can buy good quality potting mix.

5. Fewer or No Pest issues 

By controlling the environment where you container 

resides (being able to move the containers to an other location) will help prevent pest from having a good time on your plants

6. Get Healthier Plants 

By controlling the environment of the plant and providing it with good quality potting mix, you will definitely get healthier plants and bountiful harvest.

7. Your Plants always get Sunlight 

with your plants being portable, you don’t have shade issues. for example like tree or building shading your plants, you can move them to an other location where there is sunlight and in times of extreme temperatures like the winter, You can move them inside and use grow lights to grow indoors.

8. Family bonding opportunities 

kid gardeningGardening whether it is regular gardening or container garden can help bring families together. you all are able to come together take care of the garden. teaching your children to plant, grow and harvest can help the family unit and also provide great memories for all in the family.

9. Convenience

Finally it is extremely convenient to plant, care for and harvest your plants. This can not be understated, especially now that everyone is very busy and every minutes counts.