DIY Mini Greenhouse with Insulation


DIY Mini Greenhouse with Insulation

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Get a styrofoam container that is at least 20 inches high and put about 6 – 9 holes at the bottom

styrofoam with holes

Fill the container up to 40% or 50% with seed starting mix if you just want to start your seeds, If you will grow the plants in there I recommend you use potting mix. Read my posts on how to make the best seed starting mix and Potting mix

seed starting greenhouse

After filling the container, Make a little 3 to 5-inch hole in the middle of the container and put a jug of water there. making sure that the top of the jar is higher than the top of the container. 

The jug of water will absorb heat during the day and release it at night to help maintain the temperature in the mini greenhouse so that your plants don’t freeze at night or when it is too cold. 

seed starting mini greenhouse

Plant your seeds in the container around the gallon jug. Cover the whole container or the top of the container with plastic. This will keep the hot air in and cold air out.It will also keep rain and snow out.insulated greenhouse

water the container regularly and if there is snow or rain accumulation on the plastic remove it. once the seeds germinate in the DIY Mini Greenhouse with Insulation, you can transplant or thin them out and let the rest of the plants grow in there.

mini insulated greenhouse



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DIY insulated Mini Greenhouse

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