Tips for Growing Raspberries

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Tips For Growing Raspberries 

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Tips for Growing Raspberries

Raspberry plants love moisture, give them at least 2 inches of water per week. every year I give them a layer of compost to provide the plant more nutrients.


Location location location

Plant your raspberries in a sunny location, that is a location that gets a lot of sunlight.

Use a trellis to support the Raspberries

Use a trellis to support the raspberry plant.

Well-drained soil and fertile

Raspberries love soil that is well-drained and rich in compost or organic materials. if the area does not have it, add compost to the area and the root of the plant.

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Prune the Raspberries

prune the raspberries at least once a year. preferably before the raspberries start flowering.

Add compost or fertilizer 

Add compost to the raspberries or use fertilizer to provide the plants with more nutrients.

How to grow Raspberries









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