How to treat Lawn in the Fall to get the best lawn in Spring


How to treat Lawn in the Fall to get the best Lawn in Spring

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Here’s how to treat lawn in the fall in order to get the best lawn in spring. Follow these steps to get the healthiest, freshest and best looking  lawn in the neighborhood.

If you have been wondering why your neighbors lawn looks green and healthy in the spring while yours looks like it is still winter then you have come to the right place.

Fertilize the lawn in the fallscotts turf builder

Fertilizing you lawn in the fall with a fertilizer high in nitrogen with an NPK ratio 28-3-6. The fertilizer will provides your lawn with enough nutrients for better root growth in the fall and winter months so that come spring the lawn has good root system that can absorb more nutrients from the ground.

Rack the lawn

lawn aeration

You need to rack your lawn in the fall. usually you have a lot of leaves and debris from trees and shrubs in your yard or from your neighbor’s trees. if you leave the leaves on the lawn, it will prevent the lawn from getting enough sunlight and other nutrients that help the root growth in fall and winter months. you can start a compost pile with the leave and use that compost next year to fertilize the lawn next summer.

Remove Thatch (dethatch you lawn)

tuft dethatcher

If you do power racking as stated above, you will be able to get remove thatches on your lawn. use power racking or any other method to remove thatch from your lawn. Thatch prevents water and nutrients from getting to the soil and eventually they lawn roots. this will hinder healthy root growth in the fall and healthy lawn growth in spring.

lawn repairReseed bare spots on the lawn

Racking and dethatching will reveal bare spots on your lawn, reseed those bare spots in the fall when the temperature have dropped and there is enough time to the seeds to germinate and grow before winter comes. You can use Scoots PatchMaster to reseed bare spots on your lawn.

Control weeds on the lawn

lawn care

Fall is one of the best times to control weed on your lawn with weed and feed combinations like that from Scotts lawn company or you can do it manually. weeds consume a lot of the nutrients that your lawn needs to grow.

Aerate your lawn

aerate your lawn in the fall. Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Aeration helps promote root growth for healthier stronger, more vigorous lawn The main reason for aerating is to help reduce the effects of soil compactionlawn aeration

lawn care pic

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