Germination Tray

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 Cheap and Free Germination Tray

germination Tray

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More and more people are gardening nowadays, even in cities and apartment buildings. You can Save Money by starting seeds indoors or in a green house instead of buying plants seedlings for your garden, 

   Thinking of Starting your seeds indoors or in a greenhouse this year? Save Money with these Cheap and free germination tray.

Free Seed Starting Containers

seed starter tray

Free Seed Starting Trays – how to make free seed start trays from recycle containers, It is very easy (but expensive) to buy seed starting tray like the one below at your local store, Garden center or Seed Starting Traysonline but if your goal is to save money then you can look for easier and cheaper ways to do things. You can get the same or similar growing results with seed starting tray that you make. all you need is a good container (with good dept of about 3 inches that the plant roots can grow into)  with holes at the bottom and seed starting mix or soil.

You can recycle a lot of different items to start you seeds in them. The easiest and most readily available in Most households are Milk jugs and juice jugs, aluminum trays and other items you have in your trash or recycle bin. Get a jump-start on the growing season by starting your seeds indoors using inexpensive or recycle aluminum trays.

How to Make Free Seed Start Trays

Get an  aluminum trays, if it has been used, wash it and use a nail or any sharp object to make a few holes at the bottom or close to the bottom.

Free Seed Starting ContainersFill the aluminum trays tray with seed starter mix, potting mix or soil. seed starter mix is better, checkout my blog on how to make high quality and cheap seed starter mix here.
after filling the tray with seed starter mix plant your seeds (follow the seed package instructions) and water the seed starter mix and seeds in the tray.

Free Seed Starting trays

Cover the seeds with a plastic bag or an other aluminum trays and place the tray or container in a warm area. 

germination tray

That is it, within a week or two you seeds will germinate as seen below. Finally you have seedlings that you can transplant after the last sign of frost in your area.

    Free Seed Starting Container

Some Seed starting trays from recycle items

Seed Starting in recycle Containers

Using recycle materials like these help you save money and save the environment.

Key: Make hole at the bottom or close to the bottom of the containers for drainage, you plants might not germinate or grow well if the container does not have good drainage.

Seed Starting in recycle Containers

Seed Starting in egg cartons Seed Starting in recycle Containers seed starting in recycle containerSeed Starting in yogurt container

How to Make Free Seed Start Trays USA, LLC

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There are a huge variety of germination trays online and in your local garden shops and they Come in a Variety of Sizes from Small to XL.

   Price for a germination tray range from $1 to over $20 dollars (expensive ones come with complete greenhouse kit or a germination station). The tray you decide to go with depends on several factors like,how to get free seed starting trays

How many seeds you intend to germinate

What you want to grow?

how long the seedlings are going to be in the tray?

Type of seeds you are germinating

How much you are willing to spend on a germination tray.




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