Starting tomatoes indoor



Starting Tomatoes Indoors 

growing Tomatoes Indoors

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Starting Tomatoes Indoor

I love stepping outside into my garden and harvesting reap, juice tomato to eat raw, to add to starting tomatoes indoorsmy salad or any other cooking or juicing I am doing, Growing Tomatoes is easy, it is cheap and convenient.

Tomato plants are one of the easiest plants to start indoors from seed. Here I will guide you through a step by step process of starting tomatoes indoor.  Start growing tomato today and you will be glad you did.

Things you will need 

Seeds Buy seeds from local garden centers, online at Walmart, Amazon, Burpie and many other seeds sellers. The money saving way is to get free seeds from friends, family members. Some people get seeds from co workers who saved seeds from the previous year or join seed groups.

Container: Use a regular solo cup, milk jug, aluminum tray or any other container that is food grade safe. In addition you can also recycle seedlings tray from garden centers. Others buy seed starting containers at local garden shop like Walmart, Home Depot or lowes, You can also get them online at Amazon, Walmart, Burpie and many more online sites. However I make mine by recycling used containers, It saves me money and also saves the environment. 

Seed starting mix will cost you about $5 per 8 dry quarts if you buy it from store or seed starting mixgarden center but would cost you less than a $1.50 if you do it yourself. All seed Starting mix are often made from Perlite  and peat moss and some fertilizer or organic fertilizer.

Why make your own Mix

Making your own seed starting mix will;

  1. Save you money since the cost of making it will be less than half the price.
  2. You will also be able to make great quality and organic product. In other words, you can depend on.
  3. Finally it give you a piece of mind since you know what (chemical) if any is in your mix.

I use worm casting instead of fertilizer. I use worm castings because they are better quality, organic, disease resistant and cheap. In my case it is free because it is from my worm bin and or compost pile. Read my post on how I make my  seed starting mix

Use Rich Compost or Organic Fertilizer

Usually seedlings don’t need much nutrients to germinate, after that they will need good nutrients once they start growing.

If your seed starter mix is not very good, I recommend you buy good quality organic fertilizer to improve the quality of your soil or mix.



Burpee logoSeed Starting Process

Get your container, what ever container you want to use, If you make your own container, Make sure it has enough holes at the bottom or close to the bottom for drainage, if you buy your container then you don’t self watering seed starter containerneed to worry about this.

Fill the container

Fill container to within 1/4 of the rim with your seed starting mix and gently add Luke warm water to Moisten.

Sow seed

Sow seed as directed on the seed packet, making sure that you plant at the recommended depth from the seed packet. after sowing moisten with a fine spray to settle the mixture around the seeds.

 Cover the container

 Cover the container with a sheet of plastic or paper and put in a warm area of the house or in a greenhouse until germination starts.

Remove plastic or paper cover

When seed sprout, remove plastic or paper cover from the container.

Move it to a well lighted area like windowsill, greenhouse outside or put it under a grow light. If using a grow light, I recommend you put it about 4 to 6 inches from the grow light for at least 12 to 16 hours.

If it is outside in a greenhouse, the regular 8 house of sunlight should be enough.

Seedling care

self watering container

As the seedlings grow water them when the top of the mixture is dry, water with enough water such that excess water drains from the bottom.

It is very important that the mixture does not dry out or stay very wet. I recommend making your own self Watering  seed starting container as shown on the left or buy one, so you don’t have to wary that the mixture is to dry if you forget to water for a couple of days or too wet if you put to much water. 

After about two or three weeks of growth water with organic fertilizer or Compost tea to provide more nutrients for plant growth.



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