How to grow Spinach at home

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How to Grow Spinach

It is very easy to Spinach, 7savings Garden gives you easy Step by step guide on how to grow spinach in the garden or in a container. Spinach is one of the 10 super foods you should eat regularly. 

You can grow yours or you can continue buying spinach. You can spend $4 or more every week buying fresh organic spinach or you can spend $4 ones to buy spinach seeds and get spinach for the whole season. Here is how to grow spinach.

how to grow spinach at home

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How to Grow Spinach


The temperature range to grow potatoes are about 50 to 70°F. You can still grow spinach in the spring and the fall when temperatures are lower but spinach grows best when the soil temperature is 60 F to 70 F. 

How to plant and grow spinach in your garden.

Spinach grows best when planted from seeds 

How to grow spinach from seeds

but you can also grow spinach from transplants. You can get seeds and seedlings from garden centers. There are several varieties of spinach, you can try as many kinds as you like or you can just plant the one you like the most. Spinach can be grown in any soil condition but Spinach does best in well-drained and fertile soil with a good amount of composted material. 

add compost to the soil or area where you want o plant

Work the compost into the soil with a rake or shovel to make sure it is mixed and loose.

Plant the seeds 1/2 inches deep or spread the seeds on the area where you want to grow 



Water the soil thoroughly and don’t let the soil dry out completely.

within a week the seeds will germinate and start growing.





After about 3 weeks to a month, you can start harvesting baby spinach for salads. Harvest a few leaves at a time and a few more will grow. Try not to harvest more than 50 percent of the leaves at a time.

If you need spinach for cooking you can let it grow to maturity (about 40 days). Planting a pack of seeds should give you fresh spinach every week.


You can use organic fertilizer to fertilize your spinach.

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