How to Germinate Seeds Fast


How to Germinate Seeds Fast 

how to germimate seeds fast 2

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     Starting seeds indoor helps you get seedlings before the beginning of the growing season at a far lower cost than if you bought them at the store. Each plant has unique seed-starting requirements, so read the package instruction before you start. 

Paper Towel Method of Germinating Seeds Fast

How to germinate seeds fast
How to germinate seeds fast

    If your are here, therefore it means you are looking for faster way to germinate your seeds and if you are like me, you can’t wait to get your hands dirty especially before or around spring and summer time. described below is one for the fastest ways to germinate seeds.

Ways to Germinate Seeds

    1.     You can germinate seeds the regular way by planting the seeds in the ground or in a seed starting tray and let it grow slowly or.
    2.   The second option is faster, You can get an even faster jump on your gardening by using the paper towel method to start your seeds. The paper towel method cuts the germination time by as much as 70%. That is if you do it right. Here is how.

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  Paper Towel Method.

     It is extremely easy to germinate seeds with the paper towel method in contrast to other methods. All you need is a few things you already have at home.  It just requires very few steps to follow.

Things you will need: 

Seeds, Paper towel, Water, zip lock bag or Plastic bag and Hydrogen Peroxide.

The Process

Get Paper towel
  1. Get a sheet or two of paper towel  and spread one of them out on a flat surface.paper towel
Spreed the Seeds                

how to germinate seeds fast

Take the seeds out of the seed packet and spread the seeds you want to plant on the paper towel as shown below. make sure the seeds are a little bit spaced out. 


        Once the seeds are spaced out put the other sheet of paper towel on top of the seeds, making sure it cover all the seeds.

The next step we are going to do is to mix out solution of water and hydrogen peroxide.  I will suggest you use a cup of small bottle of water and just add 2 to 4 drops of hydrogen peroxide to the water.  

Sprinkle the Solution                   

how to germinate seeds fast Now sprinkle the solution we just made on the paper towel covering the seeds. you want all the paper towel to be moist. with both sides of the paper towel moist(wet), because it is wet you should be able to fold the paper towel and the seeds without the seeds moving around.

Fold the Paper Towel           how to germinate seeds fast

Fold the paper towel two or 3 times and put in a zip lock bag. The zip lock bag helps because it keeps the moisture and temperature in the bag. As a result the bag’s temperature will be higher than the outside temperature. You want the temperature in or around where the bag is to be about 70 degrees and above.  

Place on a warm spot        

 Put the bag in a warm area of the house. I am sure you know the warm areas of your home but in some homes it is the kitchen, food pantry, on top of the refrigerator and many more. you get the idea.

After about two or three days even the seeds that take a long time to germinate like pepper seeds  will start to germinate. how to germinate seeds fastFinally all you have to do is to get your seed starting containers ready and transplant.

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