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Best Fertilizers for Your Garden

These are some of the best fertilizers for your vegetable or flower garden, These fertilizers will provide better plant growth and yield. The fertilizer you get depends on what you are growing and your soil.  It all depends on you, if you have great soil and you just want to add something that will increase the quality of the soil, then you have to choose the fertilizer that will do that.

Some fertilizers have more nitrogen which is great for vegetables. You can also make your own organic fertilizers from household waste like coffee, banana, Epsom salt, and many more. read my post on how to make your own plant food, 



One of the best Fertilizers for your garden is Compost, A good compost in your garden can do a lot to improve your garden soil, improve plant’s resistance to diseases, and better plant yield.

Compost is decomposed organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scraps and yard waste together currently make up more than 25 percent of what we throw away into landfills and should be composted instead of putting it into the trash.

Making compost keeps these materials out of landfills. for more information about making your own compost, read my post on composting.

Worm Castings 

worm compost

worm castings are one of the best types of compost to use in the garden is worm compost or worm castings.

There are very rich and gives you one of the highest quality compost. You can make yours by making a worm bin or you can buy the worm bins and the worms and just put your kitchen waste in there. checkout my post on how to start a worm bin.

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Compost tea

My Top fertilizer is Compost tea, compost tea is the most potent fertilizer you can have, It has more nutritional value than most, it is organic and cheaper than buying other fertilizers. The key to having the best compost tea is to used good quality compost and other ingredients.

For more about compost tea read my post: How to make compost tea.

Epsom Salt

Another great fertilizer is Epsom salt, Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) provides two important nutrients (magnesium and sulfur) that are essential for vigorous plant growth and development. magnesium is very important for cell wall development in plants and also helps plants absorb essential nutrients like phosphorous, nitrogen, and sulfur. Epsom salt is also cheaper than other chemical-based fertilizers and it is organic.

for more information on Why and How to use Epsom Salt in the garden.  check out my post on gardening with Epsom salt.

Coffee Grounds

Adding coffee grounds to your garden is a cheap and eco-friendly way to add nutrients to your soil. Coffee grounds contain several key minerals for plant growth nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and chromium  – all these are important plant nutrients.

If you put coffee grounds under your plants, it will provide the plants with nitrogen, magnesium, potassium iron, phosphorus, and chromium which will not only help maintain the nutrient level but help the plants thrive. More information on how to use coffee grounds in the garden, check out my post on uses of coffee grounds in the garden.

Best Fertilizers you can buy online or at your garden shops

Rock Dustrock dust

Rock dust is very good for the garden because of the following

  • Huge amounts of trace minerals in them,
  • Re-mineralizes soil for optimum growth
  • Improves root systems, yields, and plant health
  • All-purpose natural nutrient for organic use
  • For all soil types

Seaweed Fertilizerliquid seaweed

Seaweed fertilizer is Pure seaweed extract’s which helps initiate cell growth and vigorous root and stem growth, seaweed fertilizers also contain some trace elements which are important as activators of enzyme systems in plants. They also contain natural plant hormones that can do amazing things to your plants.

Even though the list below contains some chemical base fertilizers, If you can buy organic fertilizers because it improves your soil in the long run, it’s environmentally friendly and you don’t have to consume foods that might have a certain degree of chemicals in them.

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