How to Germinate Seeds Faster

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How to Germinate Seeds Faster 

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     This post shows you how to germinate seeds faster especially tiny seeds that are not good for the paper towel method. Starting seeds indoor helps you get seedlings before the beginning of the growing season at a far lower cost than if you bought them at the store. Each plant has unique seed-starting requirements, so read the package instruction before you start. 

One way of germinating your seeds faster is through the Paper Towel Method, for more information about the paper towel method read this post for all other ways to germinate seeds fast read this post. 

Here I will show you how to germinate tiny seeds that are not practical with the other methods.

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Things you will need: 

Seeds, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide seed starting mix and tray.

The Process

Get Paper towel
  1. Get your seed starting tray and fill it with your seed starting mix.germinate seeds faster
  2. Plant your tiny seeds in the tray
Mix Hydrogen Peroxide solution               


put about 8 fl oz. of water in your spray bottle and add half or one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to the sprayer.


        shake the bottle or sprayer to Mix the solution.

spray the seeds and seed starting mix tray with the solution.

how to germinate seeds faster

After watering, cover the tray with its cover or any transparent plastic put the tray on top of a seed starting heat mat or just put the tray in a nice warm area of your home and within a couple of days the seeds will start to germinate.

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how to germinate tiny seeds faster

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