Magic Eraser

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Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a Powerful Clean with Water Alone.

The melamine sponge’s micro scrubbers lift and remove dirt all around your home.

No Harsh chemicals added.

This cleaning sponge is tougher on dirt, all around the house! Textured surface sponge cleaner, wall cleaner, bathtub cleaner, oven door cleaner, erases marks on light switches, doors & much more!

Works with water alone!

The Magic Eraser works best on hard surfaces, like counter tops, tabletops, floors, doors, walls, baseboards, and appliances. But it also works on all kinds of other surfaces like soap scum in your tub, splatter stains in your microwave


Try it out wherever you find tough dirt: patio furniture, car & boat interiors, athletic shoe soles, leather uppers and much more!

40 plus Ways to use Magic Erasers

Mr. clean recommends you test it in a small area before use, since it might react differently to different surfaces and materials.

Check out these 40 plus ways to use Magic Erasers.

  • clean textured handles and surfaces on major appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, stove and many more.
  • Removing set-in tea stains on drink coasters, Coffee Instant Tea Maker (the pitcher, the tea holder or any plastic pitcher)
  • Remove scuff marks from floors and baseboards.
  • Clean grout and bathroom tile.
  • Breaks up tough bathroom soap scum
  • Clean tea stains from instant tea machines (pitchers).
  • Clean plastic parts of the computer monitor, keyboard & mouse
  • Clean scuffs and dirt off tennis shoes.
  • Cleaning in the tiny nooks & crannies of the electric can opener and other little tools.
  • Remove hairspray and makeup buildup from mirrors, sinks and walls in the bathroom. It also help to keeps the mirror from fogging up.
  • Remove brake dust from tire rims
  • remove magic marker, permanent marker, and ballpoint ink from virtually any surface.
  • Clean doll faces.
  • Polish your jewelry by rubbing the stains with a damp Magic Eraser. Rinse and dry.
  • Remove tarnish From Silver by rubbing the silver gently with a Magic Eraser.
  • Remove sticker residue from your windows and walls.
  • clean the plastic agitator inside your washing machine
  • Clean inside the crock pot
  • Clean & shine things up before you sell them in a yard sale or EBay
  • Clean boat & outdoor furniture upholstery
  • Clean stained caulking along the kitchen sink & counter top

  • Remove nail polish from walls, carpets and floors by gently rubbing the area with a damp Magic Eraser. Rinse with soapy water.
  • Remove dead bugs from the grill of your car.
  • Scrub plastic food containers with a wet Magic Eraser, wash with soap and rinse to remove tomato stains.
  • Remove melted plastic on the side of the toaster oven
  • Remove paint scratches on your car from minor fender benders
  • Clean your window screens.
  • Clean the inside of your oven using a Magic Eraser and hot soapy water.
  • Clean the wheels, seats and body of a bicycle.
  • Clean markers, dirt and grime from doll faces (and bodies if they are plastic or rubber).

  • Remove ink, paint and marker from hands.
  • Scrub the inside of your tub to remove oils and soap buildup.
  • Remove tar from painted surfaces.
  • Clean yard toys (plastic).
  • Remove stains and grime from toilet bowls and seats (including hinges).
  • Scrub your birdbath with a Magic Eraser to remove bird droppings.
  • Clean grease from the inside of your deep fryer.
  • Clean fiberglass floors.
  • Wipe away fingerprints and stains on a microfiber couch.
  • Clean splatters inside the microwave
  • Remove juice stains from counter tops.
  • Clean and buff off scuffs on cars.
  • Clean stains off leather.
  • remove marks on vinyl siding
  • Remove rust & stains on counter top
  • clean the outdoor side of window sill stained from dust, leaves and dirt.
  • Remove pollen from cars and outdoor furniture.
  • Remove hair dye from counter tops & floors

Magic Eraser is not recommended for the following surfaces: High gloss, polished dark, brushed, satin, Faux, bare/polished wood, copper, stainless steel, non-stick coating or vehicle body.

Magic Eraser tips

To get more life out of your Magic Erasers and save money, try these trips.

Cut each Magic Eraser into 6 to 9 equal-sized pieces

Lightly soak or mist one small piece of the cleaning block with water using a spray bottle or the kitchen sink sprayer) instead of saturating it with water (which causes it to shrivel up and diminishes its use.

Scrub lightly with the Magic Eraser, then wipe the area with a wet towel or cloth to avoid smearing the dirt or grime.

When your tiny cleaning block starts to get nasty looking, just rinse it and Squeeze out the excess water, and continue using it until it physically starts to shred apart. when that happens throw it away and get another block magic.

Get 10% off Your First Order