Savings Tips


Savings Tips and Ideas

1. Switch your bank accounts to a bank that pays better interest and treats you right. If

Savings tips

your bank charge you fees and does not treat you well, drop them and go to a bank that will serve you right. some banks pay up to 4% interest on savings account and a little less on checking.

2. Watch less TV , some of us can’t go without TV but just try to limit how much television you watch,

I have limited my watching to 2 hours a day, maximum 3 hours. watching less TV has some benefits,

If I am not watching TV then I am doing something more productive like Gardening, walking, doing yard work and other activities which gets me moving, which is good for my health. 
Not watching TV means less electricity consumption and less strain on my eyes.

3. Sign up for customer rewards program. signing up for reward programs have some benefits, they send you email or mail with deals, coupons and special discounts that saves you money.

Even if you rarely shop at that store, you would have great deals or coupons to use when ever you need them. Stores and websites like Springtime Specials Are Here! Save up to $9 off flights & hotels with promo code SPRING9 Book Now!Amazon, Wal-Mart, Tiger direct, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s send me special promotions at least once a week.

I have a junk Mail account for some of these programs and I only go to that account when I want to check for deals.

4. Make your own gifts instead of buying stuff. You can make food mixes, bread, cookies, soap and many more. most of these things are easy to do and cost considerably less than what you will buy at the store.

5. Invite friends over instead of going out. Most activities at home are less expensive than going out. Invite friends over and have a cookout, movie night with home made popcorn or play some cards and have a few drinks. Everyone will have fun with out burning a hole in you

6. Repair damage cloths or shoe. Instead of throwing out lightly damaged cloths or shoe, repair them. This does not mean that when you cloth or shoe is really damage, you continue to ware it, if it is lightly damage, repair it.

You can get a patch or sawing kit at any arts and craft store and most retail stores like Walmart and Target, do not throw away a nice shirt or pants just because a button has fallen off. put a new one on it. if there is a hole on it, stitch it.




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