Seed Starting Supplies


Seed Starting

Starting Your Garden from Seeds

Seeds saving has become a hobby to some people. There are many organizations that list and share their saved seed. Growing plants from Seeds saved from your own garden, will, over the years, result in plants uniquely adapted to your garden.

Where to Buy Garden Seeds

If you did not save garden Seeds from last year, you can buy them from you local garden center or online. Here are a list of places you can get garden seeds at a very low price.  

Walmart has a great selection of Seeds at you local Walmart garden center or at their Seeds prices range from 20 cents to $500. depending on what you are looking for, most of their Seeds are below  $5, the expensive ones are garden seed collections. You can get a much bigger selection of seeds at Ferry Morse, Check out all the huge selection of Vegetable, Herb & Fruit Seeds at  you can also get cheap quality seeds from

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