Cup Greenhouse

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Cup Greenhouse 

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    Cup Greenhouse – Recycle and use transparent cups as a cup greenhouse for seeds starting indoors. See how to start seeds with Panera bread cup or any other cup. Start your seeds with this awesome Cup Greenhouse and save money on seed starting containers or trays. 

Recycle old Panera bread containers, yogurt cups, solo cups and use them to make a miniature greenhouse or mini greenhouse that you can use to start seeds. Start your seeds indoors a few weeks before the start of the grow season to get a jump start on your vegetable garden and extend your garden.

This is great especially if you live in an area like New England with a short growing season. This is a great container to start plants like peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, basil, oregano, chives, sage, dill, thyme, cilantro and many more

Get Seedshow to germinate seeds fastYou can get seeds from you local garden centers and store or online.

Clean the container         

Wash any left over residue from the container 

Make a few holes              

cup greenhouse

Using a drill or a hot nail, make a few holes towards the bottom or at the bottom of the container and fill it half full with your seed starter mix (Click here to learn how to make an inexpensive seed starter mix)

Plant Seeds

Depending on the seeds and how many seeds or containers you have, Plant between 1 to 4 seeds. I usually do 2, so that the seeds have room to grow. water the mix inside the container.

After Planting           

cup greenhouse

Put the container in a warm area, once the seeds germinate move them to where there is sunlight like a window in a warm room or under a grow light

Seedling care         

cup greenhouse

If you put holes towards the bottom of the container, that area below the hole will act as a water reservoir so you don’t have to water that often but if you have holes at the bottom you have to check it regularly so it does not dry up.

How to make a Cup Greenhouse


Remove the lid           

how to make a cup greenhouse When the seedlings grow up to the level of the mini greenhouselid, you can take out the lid and let it continue to grow in there. if you have another same container, you can use it to cover this one if not move it to a bigger container or transplant it to your garden after the last sign of frost in your area.


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