How Compost Tea Works

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benefits of compost teaHow Compost Tea Works

Compost tea works in plants the same way as probiotics work for Humans. The soil or

Compost is full of both healthy and unhealthy microorganisms. When the soil does not have enough of these Good organisms, it is harder for the plant to grow healthy and defend itself against disease that impacts the health and growth of the plant. Compost tea boosts the ratio of good to bad microorganisms by multiplying the number of good microorganisms in to millions if not billions . These well-oxygenated microorganisms add oxygen into the soil. healthy microbes equals Healthy soil, and Healthy soil gives you strong and healthy plants. So give your plants more Compost tea and  you will get a better harvest guaranteed. I have been making using compost tea ever since I found out about it and I can truly say it worked, I get better yield, much healthier and tastier vegetables. so give it a try and you will be glad you did.









How to make Compost Tea 

Benefits of Compost Tea


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