How to plant strawberry roots

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Growing  Strawberry Roots

It is very easy to grow strawberries, 7savings Garden gives you easy Step by step guide on how to grow strawberries in a container or in a garden. Here is how to grow Strawberriesgrow strawberries

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How to Grow Strawberries

Want to grow Strawberries? We can help you with grow strawberrythat! The taste and the texture of home-grown varieties of strawberries are much much better than those bought at the store. There are a lot of different varieties but whatever Variety or varieties you want to grow. They all have the same growing method. Strawberries are highly productive plants and spread by runners. that is the stems spread, creating new roots along the way. This plant is a great ground cover in your garden. Strawberries like cool weather and well-drained, loose soil so that the roots can easily penetrate the soil. Planting strawberries in containers? Make sure to use a good potting mix with good drainage and lots of organic matter (compost) Strawberries also require full sun and air drainage. Strawberries can grow in a wide variety of soil types from heavy to light soil. Temperature The temperature range to grow Strawberries are about 45 to 70°F.  Mulching your soil with straw or other organic matter can help reduce soil temperature retain moisture. In colder climates like New England, it is best to start growing in early spring (April). Do not plant strawberries Down south starting in the late winter periods.

Here is how to plant and grow strawberries in your garden.

How to grow strawberry

Getting Seeds or seedlings

Buying You can get strawberry seeds or seedlings from your local garden shops, retailers and online shops and seed stores and sellers. if you are getting it from the store, There are two types available, You have the roots( it comes in a pack of only strawberry roots) these take a long time to germinate and grow to maturity. usually between 8 months to a year. The other kind available are seedlings that that just needs to be transplanted and within 1 to 3 months you are able to harvest strawberries. these are usually more expensive than the roots but you get fruits faster. Free Strawberry seeds Get strawberry seeds from store bought strawberries, You can also get strawberries from store bought strawberries or other seed sharing groups or websites. Some times I purchase plants from my local nursery. Make sure to purchase plants that do well for the area you live in.

Types of Strawberries

There are three basic types of strawberry plants, Day Neutral, Everbearing and June bearing. Day Neutral strawberry plants don’t rely on day length to set flower buds. They will also continue to set flowers and produce fruits for the season as long as the growing conditions are met. Everbearing Strawberries don’t produce all season long, But they do bear fruit 2-3 times in a growing season. They bear fruit in the early spring or summer and in late summer or early fall. June Bearing Strawberries produce once per growing season. You might think that is a drawback or not a good strawberry to plant but on the contrary. they produce a lot of fruits, PLANTING look for a sunny area in your garden, plant the strawberry plants where they will get 6-10 hours of sunlight a day. Clear the soil of grubs before planting and prepare the soil by adding more compost or manure to the soil and mix it up with a soil tiller. Strawberries like slightly acidic soil. Amend the soil with an acid fertilizer, or by adding coffee grounds . add some organic fertilizer and other minerals if available. Keep strawberry plants in a shade area until planting time. Strawberries  sensitive to water in the soil or potting mix. Avoid too much water and too little water. Too much watering produce e poor tasting berries. protect  your plants in the winter by covering  your plants or garden bed with mulch and leaves. just remember to remove the mulch or leaves in the spring. Plant Strawberries about 20 inches apart in the garden since strawberry plant are crawl plants that send out runners. planting in garden bed or container, plant the roots depending on the roots of the seedlings or the seed packet instructions. The video below has details on that. DreamHost

Planting Strawberries in the Soil

    • With a hoe or shovel, spread manure or compost on your garden bed til and mix everything and start planting strawberries about 16 to 20 inches apart.

    inches deep.

    • you can add more rotted manure or organic compost in the hole before planting. remember they do much better when there is a lot of rotted manure and or compost.
    • Place your seedlings in the hole, making sure the hole is deep enough to take all the roots.
  • If you grow in rows, make the rows about 20 inches apart.
  • There are a few varieties of strawberries, some produce runners while others don’t produce Jobe's Organics 16lbs. Granular All Purpose Plant Foodany or just a few; those that don’t produce runners can be spaced 6 inches apart. (Check the plant tag for details on spacing.) Be sure to set the plants so that their roots are well covered with soil and the crown is exposed to light and fresh air. miracle-gro performance organics all purpose plant nutrition granules Water the garden bed ot container thoroughly . you can Fertilize with Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics™ All Purpose Nutrition Granules or other organic granules fertilizers for excellent results.

How to Plant Strawberries in Container or Raise bed 

First thing you need is a container and the cheap way to go is to use an old bin or you can build your own container with cheap lumber like on this picture or you can use an old storage container or make yours with burlap or landscape fabric. You can also use potato planter and just plant your strawberries in them. Key factors to consider when planting Strawberries Dept of container – at least 20 inches Good potting soil (rich compost)  Good drainage lots of sunlight yard landscaping front yard USA, LLC

      • You need potting soil, to save money I make mine – Start by mixing good garden soil, Compost, Manure any other organic matter together in a container , remember the more organic matter like compost and manure the better, you want the mix to be loose and full of nutrients for the plant. You can also add a couple of handfuls of organic fertilizer.
      • Make sure the container has good drainage, if it doesn’t put a few holes at the bottom of the container .
      • Don’t worry, there aren’t many of these.
      • It is extremely important that you match the number of strawberries to the size of container you are growing them in. As a rough guide each Strawberry needs 20 inches around it to grow
      • place your strawberry in the hole with the crown above the .

TipsMiracle Grow liquafeed

It’s also a good idea to feed Strawberry plants regularly throughout the season with a liquid fertilizer like Compost TeaMiracle-GroLiquaFeedTomato, Fruits & Vegetables Plant Food, to ensure they’re getting a steady dose of nutrition for best growth. I Prefer Compost Tea because is organics and it provides other benefits to the soil and the plants that the others, checkout my Compost Tea blog for more information.


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