Juice box Mini Greenhouse

How to Make a Juice Box Mini Greenhouse

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How to plant a Juice Box Mini Greenhouse

 How to make a Juice box Mini Greenhouse for Seed starting. It is good for your Wallet, good for the environment and very easy to do.

Steps for Making  a Mini Greenhouse

Get an empty juice box or empty milk jug 

2 break one side in the middle and both ends on the sides as shown below.

Make a few hole towards the bottom of the box

Make about 8 hole for drianage towards the bottom of the box.

Fill the box

Fill the box 1/2 way or 2/3 with seed starter mix


Plant Your Seeds

Plant your seeds according to the planting guide for that seed. I planted between 8 to 10 seeds of pepper in my box. 

Water the seeds and mix in the box


Place the box in a zip lock bag or cover it completely with a plastic wrap.


Put the box in a warm dark area for germination


Put box under a grow light or where there is enough sun light

once the seeds start germinating, put the box on a window sill or under a grow light. I prefer a grow light because most lights on homes window sill will not be enough for tiny seeds especially in the winter or spring months. 

Water the seedlings regularly




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