How to regrow Leeks



 How to regrow leeks

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     How to regrow Leeks from store-bought Leeks. here is how to save money and regrow leeks on your window sill or in the garden from store-bought leeks. as a result, you may never buy leeks anymore.

Step by step Guide on how to regrow Leeks from store-bought leeks

regrow leeks

Buy Leeks from the store.

How to regrow leeksWith a knife cut the leek at least 2 inches from the roots as shown above


How to grow leeks

Get a cup and 3 or 4 toothpicks for each stem you have

how to regrow leeks

insert the toothpick into 3 or 4 sides of the cut stem and root so that it balances on top of the cup

How to Plant Leeks

fill the cup with water ensuring that all the roots and part of the stem is submerged in water

growing Leeks in water

put the cups in a warm and sunny area of the house like a window sill or outside if the temperature outside is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

after 24 hours you will start seeing the seed push out it leaves 

How to regrow Leeks from store-bought leeks

continue filling the container with water to ensure that the roots do not dry out.


after about 4 or 5 days you should see new roots and leaves like the picture above. Continue to replenish the water in the cup.
How to grow herbsA week later you should see more new roots and leaves like the picture above.

 now you can plant it into the garden or your container. 

If planting in a container, make sure you use a good potting mix in the container. You can make your own potting mix for pennies, read my post on how to make an inexpensive potting mix for pennies. After making the potting mix or buying the potting mix fill the container about 80 percent with your potting mix before planting the leeks. when planting makes sure the roots are completely buried so that they are able to absorb nutrients from the soil or potting mix.

If you are planting it in the garden, select a sunny and well-drained location to plant the leeks. dig a hole that will be able to cover the roots and part of the stem.



Watch the video below for step by step instructions


How to plant a fruit tree

How to regrow Leeks


regrowing leeks







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