Self Watering Seed Starter Container



Self Watering Seed Starter Container 

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Self Watering Seed Starter Container – Use recycle plastic bottles for seeds starting indoors. It is even better if you don’t have to water it every day.

Recycle and use plastic bottles as a container for seeds starting indoors. Starting your seeds indoors before the start of the growing season, gives you a early start on the growing season and also a longer growing season. 

Billions of Plastic Bottle containers are use and thrown in to trash every day, why not do you part of saving the environment by recycling (reusing) some of them to start seeds, In stead of buying seed starting containers, Save money by using plastic bottles to make a Self Watering Seed Starter Container that you can use to start seeds. Save money by Start your seeds indoors a few weeks before the start of the grow season to get a jump start on your vegetable garden and you don’t have buy seedlings from garden centers and other retailers, 

If you live in an area like New England where the growing season is very short, you can extend you growing season by a month or more if you start most or all your seeds indoors. This Self Watering Seed Starter Container is a great container to start plants like peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, basil, oregano, chives, sage, dill, thyme, cilantro and many more

One of the main challenges of starting seeds, especially indoors is watering the seedlings, You don’t want to over water and you don’t want it to dry out. as you know it is a balancing act. so having a free container system where the plants constantly get enough water is an awesome idea and it frees up your time to do something else. 

All you have to do now is to check it ones or twice a week to make sure there is enough water in the container and the Self Watering Seed Starter Container system does the rest of the work.

Make your Self Watering Seed Starter Container and Start seeds with these simple steps and save money on seed starting containers or trays. 

Get SeedsYou can get seeds from you local garden centers and store or online.

Get Bottles         

Wash any left over residue from the soda bottle container and cut the bottle in a ratio of about 40 percent top of the bottle and 60 percent bottom as shown in the image above or cut it 2/3 bottom and 1/3 top.

Make a hole on the cap              

Using a drill or a hot nail gun, make a hole on the cap of the bottles and pass a thread or piece of cloth through. This will help to draw the water up to the seedlings. 

Pass the thread, rope or cloth through the hole leaving enough to get to the bottom of the bottle and some to circle the top of the inside. The rope will help wick water to the top.

Fill with seed starter mix         

Fill 40 percent of the Cap as shown above with seed starter mix (how to make an inexpensive seed starter mix), then wrap the thread, rope or cloth around the top of the mix and add another 30 to 40 percent seed starter mix on top.

Plant seeds

Make one or a few holes on the seed starter mix(depending on the number of seeds you want to plant), plant your seeds according to the seed packet label instructions. Depending on the seeds and how many seeds or containers you have, Plant between 1 to 4 seeds. I usually do 4, so that the seeds have room to grow. you can transplant the other seeds latter when the container becomes too small for the seedlings.

Water the seeds and the seed starter mix

after planting, water the seeds and seed starter mix in the bottles.


After Planting           

After watering the top, fill the bottom reservoir with water so that when the seed starter mix dries up the cloth or rope will wick the water up to the seed starter mix.

 once the seeds start germinating move it to an area where there is sunlight like a window in a warm room or  or put it under a grow light.

Seedling care         

with the holes at the bottom of the small container and water in the big bottle, your plant will always have enough water to keep it growing throw the wick process. I also put a layer of duck tape around the top to hole both plastic halves in place.

All you have to do it to make sure that you check the water reservoir weekly to make sure there is enough water for the next week until you transplant it to a bigger container or garden.


When the seedlings are fully grown, you can move them to a bigger container or transplant it to your garden after the last sign of frost in your area.



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