how to root cuttings in water


Fastest way to root cuttings in water

Fastest way to root cuttings in water

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Fastest Way To Propagate Stem Cuttings in Water, I have been experimenting on different ways to propagate cuttings, so this is my most recent experiement to speed up rooting on a tomato plant. I went to the store a few weeks ago and saw a new variety of tomato that I have never grown, so i decided to buy one big seeding to plant. I got home and thought maybe I should try to get multiple seedlings from this one seedling and what is the fastest way for me to do that, I decided to make an experiment to see which method will be the fastest or best result.

I asked my self what is the best way to propagate Stem Cuttings? is it in water? soil? or sand? from my past experience water has done better so I decide to do the water experiment. Watch the video for more.


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how to root cuttings

best way to root cuttings in Water

How to root cuttings in Water