55 gallon drum strawberry planter

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DIY 55 Gallon Strawberry planter

DIY 55 Gallon Strawberry planter

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Do you want to grow a lot of fruits and  vegetables and don’t have enough space? try this 55 gallon drum strawberry planter and you will love it. You can use the drum to grow strawberries or vegetables like spinach, salad mix and many more.

I had some strawberries in a raised beg and the strawberries were growing and spreading everywhere so I thought I can restrict the strawberries to a 4 foot spot and grow more strawberries vertically.  

Things you will need:

55 Gallon drum. you will need a good 55 gallong drum, preferably food grade if you are using plastic like I am.

Saw: you will need a saw or any tool you can use to cut the plastic.

Propane burner: you will need something to heat the plastic so you can sharp the holes.

Bottles: you will need a bottle or anything in the sharp of a bottle.

Compost or potting soil: you will need good quality compost, I got my compost from my compost pile that was made up of leaves and grass clippings. if you don’t have compost, you can buy it or you can buy potting mix, you will need about 10 to 12 bags of potting mix or compost.

PVC pipe or Wood: If you can get PVC. Right now Materials are very expensive, 6ft of 4″ PVC cost about $40 so I decided to use wood instead. so I went to Home Depot and Got some Cull lumber for $6.  I cut it in to 4ft each and put them together , I also made a few holds on each side to allow the worms to move in and out of the center where i will be filling it with food scrapes.




DIY 55 Gallon Strawberry planter

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