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Start A Garden  

Having a garden is not only good for your wallets but also good for our health. The vegetables you harvest from your garden will be healthier and more organic than the one you get from the supermarket. More and more people are gardening nowadays, even in cities and apartment buildings where there is no space, some people are still able to plant on roof tops, balconies  and in containers.

How to get good plant seeds for next year Garden

Corn plant in the Garden

      Always choose the best quality plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables from which to save seeds. Look for disease resistance, healthy, great flavor and high productivity. Next year’s plants will only be as good as this year’s seed.  When the seed pods have dried on the plant (flowers, beans, broccoli, lettuce…) or the plant like Tomato, cucumber, watermelons …) is fully grown and well past their edible stage when the seeds are ready to be harvested.  break open the plant, pull out the seeds and put them in a clean dry container (if it has a lot of chaff, you can wash it with cold water) and put it in a warm place indoors like the kitchen or sun room or sun dry it outside. Once the seeds are thoroughly dry, it will not rot or mold in storage.

Storing Saved Seeds

Make sure the seed is thoroughly dry, Remove as much of the chaff as possible, Store in a paper envelope, labeled with the variety and year Place the envelopes into an air tight container, such as a canning jar or storage cans Store in a cool, dark, dry place. Stored seed is best used the following year. If well stored you can still use some seeds a few years later. Seeds saving has become a hobby to some people. There are many organizations that list and share their saved seed. Growing plants from seeds saved from your own garden, will, over the years, result in plants uniquely adapted to your garden.

How To Get Seeds      

You can easily buy plants seeds and live plants from most major retailers and garden centers like WalmartHome depot, Lowe’s and even online retailers like AmazonIf you really want to save more money buy seeds and plant them a month or two before the regular plantingcorn plant season in your area. I start my seeds indoors at least two months before the beginning of the planting season, Checkout my seed starting blog for more information. Starting early gives me a longer harvesting period for my plants. Also visit WinterSown.orgto learn how to start your seeds indoors in the winter, and they’ll send you six free packets of seeds that are appropriate for winter sowing in your area. Planting seeds are much more cheaper than buying plants, what is even cheaper is free seeds, you can get free seeds from your garden so you can replant them next year. Save seeds from your favorite plants,

How To Save Pepper Seeds

Towards the end of the growing season, I try to prepare for the next growing season by savings seeds. In this video I will show you how to save Pepper seeds for next year. doing this save me money since I don’t have to buy the pepper seeds or nursery.

How to Make the Best Seed Starting Mix

How to Make the Best Seed Starting Mix – Seed starting mix will cost you about $5 per 8 dry quarts if you buy it (Jiffy Natural & Organic Starter )from store or garden center but would cost you less than a $1.50 if you do it yourself. All seed Starting mix and potting mix are often made from perlite and Peat Moss and some organic fertilizer.

Seed Starter Mix With Compost 

Mix the following in a container

4 part (cup) Peat Moss

4 part (cup) worm compost (or other great quality compost)

1 Part(cup) perlite 

Seed Starter Mix Without Compost 

Mix the following in a container

5 part (cup) Peat Moss

1 Part(cup) perlite 

1 table spoon organic fertilizer like Garden tone

Greenhouse Garden

Growing Vegetables in Containers

You can also grow vegetables in containers if you don’t have a yard to start a garden, you can use buckets and other recyclable containers to grow plants, You can use these containers in your Balcony, deck, roof top on apartment buildings and windows in your home.


How to plant and Grow Pepper in Containers – A Step by step Guide

Extremely Easy ways to prevent weeds in your Garden

Make Your own Inexpensive Potting Mix

Making your own potting mix will save you a lot of money because it is far cheaper than buy it at the store and you can make it as rich as you want base on what you are planting and you resource like Worm compost or organic rich compost, perlite or sand and many more.

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